Affiliate Link Engine Plugin Review | How To Cloak Affiliate Links

Affiliate Link Engine Plugin for WordPress: This is the best way to cloak affiliate links on your wordpress website. Affiliate Link Engine is a WordPress plugin that automatically links your chosen keywords with your personal affiliate link, whether its Clickbank, Amazon, Peerfly, or any other popular affiliate network.
What else does Affiliate Link Engine do?
Automatically hyperlinks keywords with affiliate links in any post or page and prevents commission theft. Saves you time, instead of doing each link manually, this plugin does it automatically. Improves SEO because the affiliate links will be cloaked, search engines hate affiliate links so your page will rank higher. Make more money from older blog posts that will now have your affiliate links cloaked based on keywords. One click affiliate link updating when your chosen affiliate product changes. Cloaking affiliate links help stop commission thieves from stealing your affiliate commissions.

Tons of other features in Affiliate Link Engine Plugin:

Automatically Hyperlinking
Cloaking Affilite URL Using Your Own Domain Name
Short URL Prefix
Case Sensitive / Case Intensive
Exclude Posts
Exclude Categories
302 or 301 Redirection
Php or Javascript Redirection
Nofollow Links Attribution
Bold or Normal
Open in New Window Attribution
Deactivate / Activate a Keyword
Click Reporting
Grouping Keywords
No Permanent Modifications
Does not Change Your Other Links
Does not Change the Case of Your Keywords
Compatible With All Affiliate Networks
Easy Usage
Does not Slow Down Your Site
Lifetime license
Top notch support and free updates for 12 months
60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Download Affiliate Link Engine Plugin for WordPress now at

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